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Aquaperform Base System

SKU: MP880
Reduces arsenic in addition to standard filtration performance
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Home Drinking Water Filter

Multipure’s Aquaperform Drinking Water System features not just Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block technology but also includes a specially-developed arsenic-adsorptive media that provides for the reduction of Arsenic V. The Aquaperform features a stainless steel housing and is designed for both versatility and additional contaminant reduction performance.

The Aquaperform is NSF-certified to treat contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Standard 42), contaminants of Health Concern (Standard 53) – including Arsenic V, PFOA, PFOS and Microsystin), and emerging compounds and incidental contaminants (Standard 401) such as estrone, DEET, metolachlor, trimethoprim, and BPA.

Features of the Aquaperform include:

  • Elite Water Filtration Protection – With the Aquaperform drinking water system, you have the peace of mind of knowing your water is virtually free of common contaminants and Arsenic V thanks to the carbon block plus arsenic adsorption technology
  • Convenient to Use – Hooking up your Aquaperform home water filtering system is a snap, whether you want to install it under the sink using its own faucet, prefer to connect it to your current faucet as a countertop system or just want the base system.
  • Better Tasting Food and Drinks – People often find that food cooked in Aquaperform filtered water and beverages like coffee or tea made with filtered water taste better, in addition to being healthier.
  • Cost-Efficient – The cost of bottled water can add up. Cut that cost out of your budget entirely when you have an Aquaperform home drinking water filter working for you.
  • Safer, Healthier Water for the Whole Family – Children, pets, spouses and friends can all enjoy cleaner, healthier water all the time in your home thanks to Aquaperform.

Order Your Aquaperform Drinking Water Filter System for Your Home or Office Now

Aquaperform drinking water filters for home and office are the perfect product for those who are concerned about not only conventional contaminants, but also other contaminants like Arsenic V in their water. The Aquaperform home water filtering system with its carbon block plus special arsenic adsorption media gives you and your family or staff protection against a wide range of water contaminants. Enjoy healthier water right away by ordering your Aquaperform office and home drinking water filter today.

System Options:

Base System
The base Aquaperform system can be used inline with other existing hardware (e.g., existing faucet, ice maker, etc.), but includes no additional plumbing hardware. It can utilize compatible below-sink and countertop parts and accessories.

Below-SInk Kit
This installation kit includes a stand-alone chrome faucet and the necessary hardware to attach the system to a cabinet wall below the sink. The system connects to the cold water line with an included Adapta Valve, and the faucet requires a 0.5” hole available in the countertop or sink for installation.

A below-sink Aquaperform is intended for a more permanent installation, although it can be removed and converted for countertop use with the optional countertop kit (AQKITC). The below-sink Aquaperform is designed to mount on the side of the cabinet, but can rest on the floor of the cabinet with an optional acrylic base (MC840).

Countertop Kit
The standard countertop installation kit includes a dual-hose diverter valve and an acrylic base that allows the system to sit on top of the counter next to the sink. The system connects to the sink faucet with the dual-hose diverter valve, outputting filtered water from a spigot on the diverter valve itself. Filtered or unfiltered water can be selected by a push-button on the diverter valve.

Capacity Monitor Kit
This kit includes a battery-operated capacity monitor that measures the amount of water processed through the drinking water system and reminds you when to change the filter; an included light indicator is located at the base of the faucet and lights up when the filter needs to be changed. NOTE: The Capacity Monitor Kit must be installed with a Below-Sink Kit (AQKITB).

NOTE: Both the monitor and light indicator are battery-powered (2 x AA batteries not included); batteries need to be changed each time the filter is changed.

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