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TapSpares UK Franke Minerva Compatible Replacement Water Boiler

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Amazing Value Replacement Boiler!
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Fully compatible, superb value replacement boiler tank for the original range of Franke Minerva 3-in-1 boiling water taps. This includes the Minerva Original, Irena, Helix and Mondial. IMPORTANT NOTE: this boiler is NOT a suitable replacement for Minerva systems provided with the M-Box filtration system and Pro-M water filter cartridge, or the Minerva 4-in-1 Electronic. It is only a suitable replacement for the Minerva systems provided with the Franke 07 water filter cartridge.

Reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to change over, the tank comes with all the fixtures and fittings required and a detailed installation guide. NOTE – Tank will NOT fit under your kitchen cabinet’s plinth. However, it is compact, takes up very little space – and, because it’s not hidden away – is much more practical than the original Minerva tap’s boiler tank.

Please also be aware that the boiler is provided with a different vent assembly and waste connection. The new vent assembly complies with the Building Regulations which stipulate that the discharge pipe from the tundish must have a vertical section of pipe at least 300mm long below the tundish before any elbows or bends in the pipework. You can find further details on the vent assembly and installation requirements in the boiler tank installation guide which can be downloaded HERE. If you are still unsure or would like any assistance, please send a message to support@tapsparesuk.com and we’ll be happy to assist.

Key Features

  • Shipped direct from our UK factory, no quibble returns policy.
  • 4 Litre Boiler Tank Capacity, Integrated pressure relief valve - no additional plumbing required, Higher-Rated Pressure Relief Valve (max 8 bar/67.5psi) - no need to keep purchasing expensive replacement pressure relief valves (PRV)!!
  • TRULY BOILING! Boiling water is dispensed at 100˚C, not 'near' boiling or only steaming. Easier to Service & Maintain - compact design 352mm high x 182mm wide x 233mm deep - sits neatly inside kitchen cabinet. NOT tucked away under cabinet plinth/kickboard..
  • Accessible Hoses - external hoses that can be easily and cheaply replaced if necessary (original Minerva tap's hoses are integral to its boiler tank)…
  • More energy efficient, Stainless-Steel Construction (internal reservoir) - more durable, more hygienic.
  • Descaleable! Because the boiler is stainless-steel rather than copper, we can provide a deep clean solution which enables you deep clean the boiler annually to keep it in tip-top condition – no more loose limescale causing problems inside the boiler!
  • Complete vent kit included - all the fixtures, fittings and hoses you'll need to install the tank. 2 Year Warranty - buy and install with confidence…
  • Worried about what happens when your tap fails? Don’t! TapSpares UK can not only try to help fix the tap, but we can also offer a range of replacement taps to suit our TapSpares UK boiler and the Minerva filter system. Contact us for more details...

Boiler Technical Specification

 Boiler technical data

 Description Value Unit


 230 x 182 x 354 mm


 10 Amps


 230 Volts


 1500 Watts

 Stored Temperature

 100 °C

 Min Water Pressure

 1.5 Bar

 Max Water Pressure

 5 Bar

 Heating Up Time

 20 Mins

 Recovery Time

 10 Mins

 Boiler Capacity

 4 Litres

 Pressure Release Valve Rating

 8 Bar

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