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SKU: Q9220
The QETTLE Mini 2-in-1 Boiling Water Tap is a true boiling 100C system that dispenses boiling and filtered water. The 2 Litre boiler fits neatly under your kitchen sink and can provide up to 4 cups of boiling water in one go.
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Love the idea of 100°C boiling and filtered drinking water, but don’t want to replace your existing kitchen tap? QETTLE Mini is for you. True, 100°C boiling water and filtered drinking water with two-stage safety, 2, 4 or 7L boiler tanks, plus easy installation.


QETTLE Mini couldn’t be safer or simpler to use. When it’s in place, the red safety clip makes accessing boiling water impossible. But remove the clip and a precise action is still required to make that cuppa. The button on the handle must be pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned.

For filtered drinking water, simply turn the handle towards you. There's no need to remove the safety clip, so everyone can fill up and go safely.


QETTLE Mini is surprisingly simple. Underneath the sink there’s a compact boiler tank and a filter system. The efficient, insulated tank maintains its volume of water at 100°C. The filter system removes unpleasant tastes and odours such as chlorine and helps to protect the boiler tank’s element from excessively hard or soft water.





  • Will QETTLE Mini replace my current kitchen tap?

    QETTLE Mini, unlike our 4-in-1 QETTLE Original, only dispenses filtered and boiling water. QETTLE Mini is designed to be an addition to your sink, giving you the option of true 100C boiling water without replacing your current tap.

  • What does the supplied filter cartridge do?

    The QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge has been specially formulated to do two jobs: provide high quality drinking water and protect the boiler tank. The Q08 filter cartridge will remove sediment, chlorine and a range of unwanted chemical contaminants from your flow of filtered drinking water, whilst also working hard to protect the boiler tank from the effects of limescale and corrosion.

  • What's involved with installing a QETTLE Mini

    QETTLE Mini is straightforward to install and should be an easy job for any plumber or even a competent DIY-er. When we designed QETTLE Mini, great attention was paid to ensuring an easy, fuss-free fit. No specialist tools are needed and as long as there is a conveniently positioned, 13 amp power socket for the boiler tank, a typical QETTLE installation shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 hours.

    The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers (www.ciphe.org.uk) can help you find a reputable plumber, local to you.

  • Does QETTLE need any servicing or maintenance?

    No specialist servicing or maintenance is required. However, it is very important to ensure you replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge at regular, six monthly intervals. This is because the filter cartridge prevents limescale from damaging the boiler tank and removes unpleasant tastes and odours from your tap’s flow of filtered drinking water.

  • What size are the boiler tanks?

    We have three sizes of boilers. 2 Litres (4 cups), 4 Litres (8 cups) and 7 Litres (14 cups).

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