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Replacement Cartridge set for MRO30K Reverse Osmosis system

3 Cartridge set
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This pack contains the 3 replacement water filter cartridges - one 1 micron pre-filter cartridge and two 1 micron carbon block cartridges - all thats required to carry out a complete water filter cartridge change for the Freshwater MR030K Reverse Osmosis Unit. The pre-filter removes sediment; dirt and sand and protects the next in-line carbon block cartridge. The second carbon block cartridge removes chemicals and protects the complex RO membrane. The third carbon block filter gives the water a final 'polish' prior to it passing in to the storage tank.

This cartridge set is also suitable for most other makes of '3 Cartridge' Reverse Osmosis water filter systems with industry standard 'Open-Both-Ends' cartridge mount design.

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