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Sugalite Cartridge

Sugalite Cartridge
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FreshWater's British made Sugalite cartridge for gravity filters removes 99.99% of all particles larger than one micron including dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and parasites. Sugalite cartridges improves taste and odour, remove chlorine, organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides, herbicides, oestrogens and other chemicals. Sugalite cartridges also remove dissolved heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

Please Note: We no longer supply new wing nuts with every filter cartridge to reduce unnecessary plastic waste. All FreshWater Gravity filter systems are supplied with 4 spare wing nuts.

Should you require replacement wing nuts you can purchase them HERE

If you are an existing FreshWater customer who has regularly replaced your filters and now require a wing nut(s) please just email us at support@freshwaterfilter.com after you have placed your order for more Sugalites. Let us know the order number and how many wing nuts you require and we'll include them with your filter(s) free of charge.

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