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FW2000 System with Ceres Filter Tap

The Ceres three-way kitchen tap dispenses filtered drinking water as well as your normal hot/cold flows. This makes it the perfect replacement for your current kitchen tap. This variant is equipped with a FW2000 twin cartridge filter system.
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FreshWater's 2000 filter system features advanced water filter technology and is supplied complete with a twin stainless steel filter housing and two water filter cartridges. The first is our top of the range 'Pearl' water filter cartridge which uses a combination of microporous ceramic and carbon to provide broad-spectrum water filtration performance against a wide range of potential waterborne contaminants; including harmful bacteria, parasites, cysts, herbicides & pesticides, unpleasant tastes and odours, chlorine and lead. Healthy elements such as magnesium and calcium are retained.

You can then choose either a limescale reduction filter, nitrate reduction filter or fluoride reduction filter to go in the second housing.

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Your questions answered

Q. How do I specify a different filter configuration in my FreshWater 2000?

A. Just click on the 'Select Option' dropdown box beneath the price above. You can the choose from the Fluoride, Nitrate or Limescale reductions filters.

Q. How is the filter tap system installed? Will I need a plumber?

A. Installing the FW2000 filter tap system is straightforward. There is no need to cut pipework and simple push-fit connections make the procedure quick and easy. However, if you are not competent at DIY we recommend that you appoint an approved installer to fit your system.

Q. How often will I need to replace the filter cartridges?

A. We recommend that you change the filter cartridge combination every 6 months. Register on our filter cartridge replacement direct debit scheme and leave us to make sure you receive your replacement water filter cartridge on time every time.

Q. How much filtered water will one cartridge give me?

A. This is variable depending on the quality of the water and the amount used. For example, if your water contains higher than average levels of sediment, the filter cartridge may clog and need replacing before the normal 6 month cycle. This will be obvious as the water flow from the tap visibly slows.

Q. How much space does the filter system's cartridge housing take up under the sink?

A. The FW2000 mini filter tap system is very compact - approximately 30cm high and 16cm across. It fits neatly into a standard kitchen base unit and still leaves plenty of space!

Q. I've found similar looking filter taps and systems for less money - what's so great about FreshWater's?

A. FreshWater has been established for nearly 25 years and is regarded as a pioneer of drinking water filter taps and systems for the home and is the supplier of choice for over 500 practising health professionals. Its management team have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Importantly FreshWater, unlike many of its contemporaries, is a primary manufacturer rather than a re-seller. We make and assemble water filter systems and cartridges in our own UK factory and deliver direct to our customers. Consequently we are in a unique postion to offer quality products at competitive prices with unrivalled service. Our experienced and knowledgeable in-house customer service team are always on hand to answer your questions and to organise any spare parts you may require.

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